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Americans recognised as guilty of destruction of the adopted son from Russia

the Jury of the State of Pennsylvania recognised reception parents of Russian boy Vani Skorobogatov guilty of death causing on imprudence, informs Associated Press.
the seven-year boy has died in the USA in August 2009., under the version of charge it has occurred because of its reception parents - Michael and Nannet Krejverov. Them accused that they scoffed at the child, and have finished it to an exhaustion, and also that have put it a serious trauma of a head which has appeared deadly.
a jury of the State of Pennsylvania recognised a couple Krejverov guilty of death causing on imprudence, and also that they are guilty on four points of charge in violence over the child, and on one point of charge in arrangement to the purpose of commission of crime.
charge insisted that spouses Krejvery are guilty of a premeditated murder of boy Vani. Protection insisted that Century Skorobogatov itself has put itself serious traumas.
the sentence will be read spouses of Krejveram on November, 10th. It is interesting that till this time they will be at large most likely. The court agrees to release them on bail in 100 thousand dollars.
it is not excluded, as after the court will read a sentence, spouses will appear on freedom. The matter is that under local laws for unpremeditated murder is necessary from 9 till 16 months of prison.
Vanja Skorobogatov together with sister Dashej, was born in Chelyabinsk, in 2003. These children were adopted by Americans Michael and Nannet Krejver. New parents have given to children new names. Vanja became Natanielom Michael Krejverom.
Seven-year Nataniel has died on August, 24th 2009. From the complications caused by a trauma of a brain. Reception parents confirmed, as if the boy has fallen and has hit a head, and next day they have found its immovable in bed and have brought to hospital. Doctors have connected a dying boy to an artificial life-support system.
the physical examination spent later has revealed on a body of Vani - Nataniela more than 80 bruises, 20 from them were on a head. Also inveterate damages of an internal and a hematoma have been found. To all other the boy was in extreme degree of an exhaustion. In the beginning of March 2010. Spouses Krejver living in district York of the State of Pennsylvania, have been detained by police on charge in murder of the adopted son.