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In Moscow near Rechnika again are going to take down private structures

Prefecture SZAO of Moscow intend to take down private structures to the address: Karamyshevsky emb., vl. 13 (are located in immediate proximity from notorious garden association Rechnik ) . About it it is told in Joint-Stock Company letter the Bend (association of proprietors of the given structures), directed to the mayor of Moscow S.Sobjaninu.
in the message it is said that during the stay of J.Luzhkov the mayor of capital the given structures have been recognised by autocratic constructions on the basis of what the decision on a pulling down of constructions was already accepted. decisions were accepted under pressure, without the rights of the registered proprietors, without carrying out of due examinations and etc. - it is told in the statement.
Besides, in the beginning of last year proprietors of houses have addressed to the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev with the request to understand in the present state of affairs. The head of the state in the commissions from 24. 01. 2009. And from 11. 06. 2009. Has instructed to stop a pulling down of structures and not to admit infringement of the rights of proprietors. We ask you to suspend the activity of prefecture SZAO directed on the organisation, and also on realisation of a pulling down of our structures, and to make the new decision concerning them - it is told in circulation.
the territory on which there are structures, according to documents, is fixed for VSK the Bend with 1981. Then, in 1996, the lease contract has been renewed with Ground committee SZAO of Moscow. It operated till September 2007.
As proprietors of structures, prefecture SZAO of Moscow in September 2007 mark. Unreasonably unilaterally has terminated the lease contract of the earth and has challenged in court of their right to territory of club and legality of the constructions which are in territory of settlement, despite presence registered in the order of certificates established by the law on the property and documents BTI.
Litigation on our business passes under obvious administrative pressure interested and men of weight. Documents and arguments of lawyers are not considered and business do not join - proprietors mark. According to the water code of the Russian Federation, territory VSK the Bend is in a zone of alienation of the Channel it. Of Moscow also is the property of the Russian Federation, instead of a city of Moscow, but the given fact in every possible way bypasses court. Unfortunately, in spite of the fact that the given ground area on the force of the law is the property of the Russian Federation, inventory on it FAUGI is not spent till now.
proprietors of buildings in connection with illegal activity of the Moscow officials also have addressed for the help in the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation, FSB of the Russian Federation across Moscow and Public chamber of Russia.