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FSB has detained one of organizers of act of terrorism in the market of Vladikavkaz

During joint operation of FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs one of the insurgents involved in the organisation of act of terrorism in the market of Vladikavkaz on September, 9th 2010 has been detained. It has appeared the arrested person 29 - the summer Jusup Dzangiev, one of leaders so-called karabulakskoj groupings have informed in a press - FSB service on Republic Ingushetia.
special action has been spent in Sunzhensky area of Ingushetia. During J.Dzangiev`s detention showed active resistance and tried to disappear, but unsuccessfully.
the arrested person will be delivered in the Main investigatory management SKP the Russian Federation on Severo - to the Caucasian and Southern federal districts which is engaged in investigation of September act of terrorism. The consequence has an information proving participation of J.Dzangieva and its grouping to the organisation of this crime.
we will remind, explosion in the Central market of Vladikavkaz on September, 9th 2010. Has carried away lives of 19 persons. As a result of act of terrorism 200 persons there are more have got wounds of various severity level. The suicide bomber has blown up the car Volga on entrance to trading numbers. Victims could be much more: the vigilant employee of protection of the market has not passed the suspicious car on territory of trading numbers.