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The mayoralty: Muscovites have not supported idea of carrying over of a monument to Peter I

the Power of Moscow have refused possible carrying over of a monument to Peter I of sculptor Zurab Tsereteli. As informs information centre of the capital government, such data has been resulted at Social council session at the prefect of the Central administrative district of capital.
according to head TSAO Sergey Bajdakova, the idea of carrying over of a monument has not found support among the population of Moscow. (the first deputy of the mayor, the head strojkompleksa Moscow) Vladimir Resin has officially declared to me that the idea of carrying over of Peter I has not found public opinion support - S.Bajdakov has noted.
thus he has expressed opinion that, probably, the idea of installation of this monument in a city was not so successful. probably, someone considers it as an error, but through 50 - 70 years, maybe, it becomes sight of Moscow - the prefect has assumed. He has underlined that for today this theme is closed.
the most criticised monument of capital - a huge monument to Peter I under the name the Monument in commemoration 300 - letija the Russian fleet - has been created by sculptor Z.Tsereteli and it is established in 1997. By request of the government of Moscow on artificial island, in a place of merge of the Moskva River with the Bypass channel. The monument height - 98 m. Is one of the highest monuments in the world.
a question on monument dismantle have lifted this autumn after resignation of the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov. It was offered to transfer a monument to St.-Petersburg, Voronezh, to Dnestr region on coast of Dnestr and even to Ecuador.