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Match in Voronezh - violation of the Russian fans

Russian national team belongs to all country, and not just Moscow and St.-Petersburg! - officials RFS were guided by such logic, choosing as a venue of a companionable match between Russia and Belgium the Voronezh Central stadium of trade unions.
the slogan, certainly, correct, however is not enough for the successful organisation of a match, that the city was called not Moscow and not St.-Petersburg. It is necessary - taki to create all conditions for carrying out of meetings at such level.
to show something in its best light
Voronezh has been chosen, of course, not only because Moscow is yet all Russia also it is necessary to allow for other fans to look at the command too. Officials RFS (and other officials too) are not too inclined to regard at all interests of fans as of paramount importance - anyway, the impression of their activity develops the such.
And a national team sent to Voronezh first of all to prove that Russia is capable to accept large competitions like the World championships and has enough of stadiums, hotels and so on. We after all struggle for the right of carrying out CHM - 2018 - and race for this superiority has entered already a final stage. Within the limits of this struggle the match which has taken place outside of MKAD, vobshchem - that, would look not bad.
however it turned out quite different as it would be desirable. In BBC environment who and as prepares for World championship carrying out has published endurances from the report of commission of experts FIFA studying. As a whole experts FIFA have treated the Russian demand favourably, but have noticed that technologies and transport in Russia are not developed absolutely not. And, in particular, there is no other way to move on the huge country, except as by the plane - and it inconveniently, expensively and creates additional complexities. The match in Voronezh has excellent confirmed this conclusion of a commission of experts: both modular profits in a city hardly probable not for an hour to a match. Certainly, non-flying weather does not depend on efforts of officials RFS, and still the impression has appeared spoilt.
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