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I.Levitin: Moscow can sell an airport and airline share

the Government of Moscow can sell a share at airport Vnukovo and airline Moscow the head of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation Igor Levitin has informed journalists.
As he said, a position of the mayor of Moscow - to be released from not profile actives. these actives are not profile, I think that will sell, most likely, - I.Levitin has told.
the capital government posesses 75 % of airport Vnukovo and 51 % of airline Moscow .
Open Society Airline Moscow carries out an airline traffic of passengers, luggage and cargoes on internal and international airlines. Becoming an official carrier of the government of Moscow in May 1999., the airline has received the right of use of all official symbols of capital on boards of the aircrafts. Until recently the airline bore Open Society name the Aviation company Atlant - the Union . On July, 23rd 2010. At extraordinary general meeting of shareholders the decision on change of the name on new - Open Society " was accepted; Airline Moscow .