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Give up smoking today : Moscow refuses smoking

Annually the third Thursday of November it is marked in the world as the International day of refusal of smoking. Founded in 1977. The American oncological society day of struggle against nicotinic dependence has reached on November, 18th and Russia.
the initiative of the Moscow deputies supported by owners of some cafes and restaurants has been dated for this day - in them have completely forbidden smoking. Ministry of Health suggested to enter the moratorium on smoking in public places at least for a week, however the initiative has not found support at the majority of owners of restaurants, informs Echo Moscow . Today in minibuses and capital cinemas commercials under the slogan " will be broadcast; Give up smoking today .
the Mayoralty of Moscow in the long term hopes to legalise an interdiction for smoking in all authorities belonging to capital showrooms, and then to reach and staircases of apartment houses. Members of parliament support introduction of higher excises on tobacco products.
According to recently brought poll of World Health Organization, Russia wins first place in the world on number of smokers: in the country smoke about 50 % of adult population. Russia holds the first place and on number of smokers among youth.