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Russia does not justify V.Buta

As the assistant to the president of the Russian Federation Sergey Prihodko has declared, Russia is interested in that business of the Russian businessman Victor Buta accused of illegal traffic in arms, has been finished. As the official marks, V.Butu will render necessary consular the help. however it does not mean that Russia a priori justifies it - quotes S.Prihodko Echo Moscow .
we Will remind, the first hearings on V.Buta`s accused of illegal traffic in arms business have the day before taken place. Following session nju - jorkskogo on business of the Russian businessman should pass vessels on January, 10th 2010. Till V.But`s this time will be in a temporary detention facility without the clearing right on the security.
V.But has been delivered in court of New York on November, 17th where to it have brought accusations in illegal traffic in arms, a collusion for the purpose of murder of citizens of the USA and terrorism support. If the fault of the Russian businessman is proved, under the American laws to it threatens from 25 years of prison term to a life imprisonment.
Victor But has been arrested in Thailand in March 2008. On demand of US authorities. Later the Office of Public Prosecutor of the USA has accused him of terrorism on four points. On these charges of the power of Thailand ekstradirovali the businessman in the USA in November 2010.