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A.Bastrykin: For slaughter on Kuban officials and militiamen

fulfilling duties of the head of Investigatory committee will answer at Office of Public Prosecutor (SKP) the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin has promised that for slaughter in a village Kushchevsky officials and militiamen will answer. He has told about it to journalists following the results of a private meeting in the State Duma.
according to A.Bastrykina, SKP will make careful investigation of activity of local militiamen and state employees in connection with cruel murder of 12 persons in Kushchevsky. Department will state an estimation to work of bodies of the law and order and officials, and if crime signs are established, SKP will raise criminal cases.
Besides, head SKP has warned that affairs on officials and militiamen on Kuban can get on the facts of a negligence, excess and abusing powers of office.
we will remind, on November, 5th 2010. In the two-storeyed private house on street Green in a village Kushchevsky Krasnodar territory bodies of 12 persons, including four children have been found out. The death of ten of them has come from numerous koloto - rezanyh the wounds, one child has been strangled, another was lost from a poisoning with carbonic oxide.
on the given fact criminal case under article " has been brought; Murder of two and more persons criminal codes of Russian Federation, within the limits of its investigation are detained the leader of an organised criminal group Sergey Tsapok and an active member of this OPG Sergey Tsepovjaz. The court has arrested all figurants of the given criminal case, the consequence proceeds. In total during the investigation of murder of 12 persons in Kushchevsky 6 persons have been detained and arrested.