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The Pushkin Square becomes foot

the Traffic intersection on crossing of the Tver street and the Parkway ring in Moscow will be constructed underground. The assistant to the capital town governor Yury Rosljak has informed on it today to journalists. As he said, such decision was accepted today the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobjaninym.
J.Rosljak has noticed that the Pushkin Square will be kept in an initial kind, and crossing of transport highways will be transferred under the earth - to tunnels under the Parkway ring and the Tver street.
at underground building it is planned to construct a parking, underground transition or foot street. Earlier, still in luzhkovsky the board period, under a Pushkin Square it was planned to construct a parking on 500 - 700 mashino - places, to organise a skating rink and mnogozalnyj a cinema. The authorities promised that the general view of a Pushkin Square after reconstruction will not change, and green plantings becomes even more.
According to experts, traffic intersection building will lead to that the Pushkin Square becomes foot.
Pushkin Square reconstruction is a project component Big Leningradka which provides the organisation bessvetofornogo movements from the centre of capital to the Moscow ring highway (MKAD).
the Concept of reconstruction of the area was reconsidered by the mayoralty some times. Last variant of reconstruction of a Pushkin Square provided transferring under the earth of transport movement on the Parkway ring, and the Tver street should remain in an original form.