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The Swedish court has allowed declare head WikiLeaks in the international search

Office of Public Prosecutor of Sweden can to put on the international wanted list the founder of scandalous network project WikiLeaks of Dzhuliana Assanzha, transfers Associated Press.
earlier inspectors have requested of the Stockholm court the permission to detain D.Assanzha for interrogation on suspicion in sexual violence over two citizens of Sweden. Mariann Nju`s public prosecutor, responsible for investigation of sexual offences, has informed that will achieve D.Assanzha`s arrest through the Interpol.
the court has agreed with arguments of the Swedish Office of Public Prosecutor that allows the legislative ground to declare founder WikiLeaks which site at the moment is not established, in the international search.
we will remind, suspicions to the journalist to whom attribute sexual harassments, illegal application of force in relation to the woman and rape, have arisen in August of this year. Under the available data, two women whom D.Assanzh met after a seminar in Stockholm on August, 14th, after some days have put in statements in police, having accused the journalist of sexual violence. The Office of Public Prosecutor of Stockholm has begun official investigation, but almost at once has closed business. The public prosecutor M.Nju has renewed investigation on September, 1st, however D.Assanzh has had time to leave Sweden.
WikiLeaks - the international social network project which specialises on gathering and the publication of the confidential documents which have become accessible owing to information leakage. In October 2010. The portal has published about 400 thousand the classified documents connected with war in Iraq, than has caused anger of the American authorities.