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The prostitute has told about 11 meetings with Dominikom Stross - Caen

the Woman of easy virtue by name of Florens has told the French police about the numerous meetings with the former head of the International currency fund (IMF) Dominikom Stross - Caen. As writes Daily Mail, eks - the banker generously paid 30 - to the summer prostitute and its colleagues.
Florens together with girlfriends has been detained during police spot-check in the city of Lille in the north of the country. On interrogation putana unexpectedly admitted the communications with the former head of IMF.
she has informed that met D.Stross - Caen 11 times for six years. According to Florens, D.Stross - Caen suited orgies in which some prostitutes participated. Thus, as marks Florens, the former banker always preferred new girls to with what it was already familiar. It was very active during such parties and to it new girls constantly were required, declares putana.
She has assumed that D. Stross - Caen suited also other parties to which did not invite her. eks - the head of IMF generously paid services of girls in a call: once he has paid to Florens and one more prostitute over 3 thousand dollars for three days spent with it in Washington. Another time it has given out 2 thousand dollars one Florens for parties in Lille and Paris. Thus one of D.Stross`s girls - Caen even has invited in the office in a staff - IMF apartment in Washington.
last week messages which D.Stross - Caen sent to souteneurs have got to police hands, ordering itself girls. It means that now the former banker risks to appear under arrest for instigation to employment by prostitution.
D.Stross - Caen denies charges in the organisation of orgies, naming them dangerous and mean insinuations also declares that in a condition to protect the reputation. Nevertheless a number of mass-media inform that the former head of IMF admitted to friends that suffers from seksogolizma and needs treatment.
we will remind, business in D.Stross`s relation - Caen has been opened in May 2011. After the complaint directed to court from chamber hotel Sofitel: Nafissatu Diallo accused the official of an attack and rape attempt.
D.Stross - Cannes has been arrested and even has had time to spend in prison some days, however after refusal of a post in IMF and entering of pledge into 1 million dollars is released on freedom.
during litigation the facts of a summer residence of incorrect and false indications were opened from the parlourmaid. On the basis of it, and also of some other proofs which are speaking well for innocence of the defendant, representatives of Office of Public Prosecutor have directed the application on the termination of criminal prosecution to court.
In parallel with the American trial in court the French journalist Tristan Banon who has declared has addressed also that the politician has tried to rape her during interview in 2003. The Parisian Office of Public Prosecutor has begun criminal investigation on business in July 2011., however then has closed this business.