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Street actions on Uoll - strit: the authorities of New York erect barricades

the Authorities of New York are going to reflect new attempts of demonstrators to grasp Uoll - strit and erect barricades near park Zukotti, opposite to a building of Nju - Jorksky stock exchange. On it informs CNN.
Obstacles are established and along the Fifth avenue. In the blocked streets there were police posts - guards check documents and allow to pass to a stock exchange building only to the workers having at the admission.
we will remind, during the meeting which has passed on Wednesday under the slogan Grasp Uoll - strit the police of New York has detained 270 participants of the action. Some more honeycombs of persons have passed a march on a city.
dissatisfied with a present financial policy of the big corporations have decided to cross the Brooklyn bridge connecting Manhattan with Brooklyn. A part of the protesting have carried out this plan, and here pass of the others was prevented by police officers. Similar protest actions have passed in Los - Andzhelese, Dallas and Portland.
participants of movement Grasp Uoll - strit prior to the beginning of a series of protest actions declared that want to repeat in the USA the scenario of the Arabian revolutions which have occurred in a number of the countries of the Near East and the North Africa in the beginning of current year.