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The American shooting at the White house had a criminal past

At the citizen of the USA Oscar Ortega - Ernandesa who last week shot at the White house, there was a criminal past - before it arrested in three states on charges in house violence, storage of drugs and an attack on the policeman. On it informs Daily Mail.
Meanwhile, according to the American law enforcement bodies, naming US president Barack Obama antihristom the Latin American is not connected with the extremist organisations.
friends and O.Ortegi`s acquaintances - Ernandesa tell that the man, apparently, had certain problems with mentality: he has been assured that in 2012. The world expects a doomsday and considered the American president as a Satan who will shortly order vzhivit to all children in a brain computer chips. so antihrist intend to mark all - the Latin American considers.
itself for quite some time now the Island Ortega - Ernandes began to name Jesus. Meanwhile, mother accused of attempt at B.Obama declares that her son was not surveyed at the psychiatrist. Now O.Ortega - Ernandesu nevertheless should meet this expert and to pass survey.
if the man recognise as made, it is threatened with a life imprisonment, despite that fact that it to anybody has not got, and B.Obama during time attempts there were on distance of 7800 km from Washington, on Gavajah, taking part in summit ATES.