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S.Sobjanina`s work positively estimate the majority of Muscovites

the All-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM) submits data on how Muscovites estimate the financial position, a situation in a city, work of the mayor and how many capital inhabitants plan to participate in elections.
more than half of townspeople (57 %) positively estimate work of mayor Sergey Sobjanina. First of all it is elderly Muscovites (68 %) and adherents of party an United Russia (71 %). Respondents 25 - 44 years (27 - 29 %) and supporters of LDPR (28 %) are not satisfied by activity of the town governor of 20 % of Muscovites, basically.
the Relative majority of Muscovites consider that the situation in capital improves (40 %). Supporters " are Most inclined so to think; an United Russia (59 %) and elderly respondents (48 %). A considerable part of townspeople believe that the state of affairs in Moscow does not change (35 %). In minority those who testifies to situation deterioration (21 %). More often among the last there are supporters of LDPR (34 %) and 45 - 59 - summer respondents (28 %).
to Take part in elections in the State Duma plan almost three quarters of inhabitants of capital (72 %). Most of all such respondents among supporters an United Russia (86 %), the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (85 %) and LDPR (86 %). 24 % interrogated have informed, are not going what to vote.
the majority of inhabitants of capital (63 %) estimate the financial position as an average, satisfactory. Are happy with the financial situation of 15 % interrogated while 19 % of respondents give negative estimations to own well-being.
poll VTSIOM is spent 15 - on October, 27th 2011. In Moscow. 1200 respondents have taken part in it. The statistical error does not exceed 3,2 %.