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At stadium Zenith on Krestovsky there can be a new contractor

the Authorities of Petersburg can hold new competition on a choice genpodrjadchika for stadium building in island Krestovsky`s western part. About it on November, 18th 2011. The vice-president of the government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Kozak has declared at exit meeting, informs - Petersburg .
This step can be made in the event that the new estimate after updating of the project of a roof of stadium will exceed cost of the existing state contract. According to D.Kozaka, to the designer it is given two - three weeks on estimate completion then project updating will be directed to state expert appraisal Central administrative board. vitse - the prime minister has informed that builders expect to receive the examination decision in March 2012.
Besides, creation of working group on optimisation of cost of the project in the near future is planned. If by results of activity of working group we remain within contract price new competitions will not be, remains former genpodrjadchik - has added vitse - the prime minister.
in turn the governor of Petersburg George Poltavchenko has expressed fears that in case of change genpodrjadchika civil work can be stopped on three - four months. While end of building of arena is appointed on 2013.
answering a question on possible participation of corporation Gazprom in building of arena, G.Poltavchenko has declared that in it there is no necessity, however in case of change of conditions of the project the city will search for new variants sofinansirovanija.
we Will remind, erection of the stadium which has received in the people of the name Gazprom - arena Zenith - arena has begun in far 2007. And terms of delivery of object repeatedly moved. So, eks - Valentine Matvienko`s governor in August 2007. Promised that the first match Petersburg club Zenith will spend in March 2009.
In September 2007. Delivery terms have corrected, obeshchav to finish object by December 2008. On January, 25th 2011. vitse - governor Roman Filimonov has informed that definitive time for completion of civil work is defined November 2012. Stadium cost makes nearby 33 mlrd rbl. It is expected that by the time of the termination of building the stadium becomes one of the most technologically advanced and perfect constructions in Europe.