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Strikes in France: holding a meeting the Frenchmen who are holding a meeting against the governmental reform of increase of pension age have paralysed an aircraft service

, have blocked road to one of terminals of the airport of an Orly in Paris, thus at Charles airport de Gaulle the protest action also has begun, transfers Associated Press.
similarly protesting have almost completely stopped work of the airports of Toulouse, Klermon - Fernana, Nitstsy and Nantes.
earlier the aircraft service has been interrupted from - that holding a meeting all fuel storehouses of the country have blocked. In turn the president of France Nicolas Sarkozy has given the police order immediately to push aside people and to renew fuel giving: in three places it to make already it was possible.
Strikes, meetings and other protest actions proceed in France the second week. People oppose pension reform which, in particular, means increase in pension age with 60 till 62 years.
Besides, according to the new law Frenchmen can receive the full pension grant only from 67 years against former 65. The question on pension age increase is already approved by the French parliament. Nevertheless its upper chamber (senate) yet has not accepted the document completely: voting will pass on October, 20th.
we will notice that the project of pension reform is developed with support of the president of France Nicolas Sarkozy which is assured that in a present kind the pension system of the country is too burdensome for the state. At present age of a retirement in France one of the lowest in Europe - 60 years whereas the majority of Europeans retire in 65.