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Demonstrators build barricades at the largest airports of France

France again have captured mass protest actions which are accompanied by building of barricades. From - for actions of the demonstrators protesting against measures of the government on increase of pension age, work of the largest airports of the country is complicated.
participants of massive strikes managed to block the road conducting to two terminals of the airport of an Orly in Paris. The largest international airport of republic - Charles - de - Gaulle - also has appeared in the centre of events. Singing the Marseillaise demonstrators have broken through police barricades. We will notice that the main air gate of the country serve to 150 thousand passengers a day.

work of the airports of Toulouse, Bordeaux, Nantes and Nitstsy Besides, have been broken, informs Associated Press. Press - the secretary of the French government Ljuk Shatel has already declared that citizens of France have the right to protest actions, however to build barricades it will allow nobody.
earlier it was informed that the French police managed to release three oil storages in the west of the country, blocked by demonstrators. This successful operation of law enforcement bodies will allow to avoid deficiency of fuel which has arisen against a general strike in the country.
we will notice that protest actions in France proceed the second week. People oppose pension reform which, in particular, means increase in pension age with 60 till 62 years. Besides, according to the new law Frenchmen can receive the full pension grant only from 67 years against former 65. At present the age of a retirement in France is one of the lowest in Europe.