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Day of militia in Russia will replace with other holiday

Day of militia in Russia it will be replaced by other holiday after law coming into force About police . As has informed a source in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, the official celebration of workers of law enforcement bodies will receive the name of Day of the employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
the new holiday this very day, as Day of militia - on November, 10th thus will be celebrated. About, whether will pass celebrating of a professional celebration of militiamen under the new name already in 2010., yet it is not informed.
day of the Russian militia is marked annually with 1991. (Earlier - Day of the Soviet militia) because on November, 10th 1917. The decision of People`s Commissariat of Internal Affairs of RSFSR about creation of working militia was accepted. This day law enforcement officers draw duty in full dress.
we will notice that the new law About police can come into force since January, 1st 2011. The president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev considers that the new law should start to operate as soon as possible, as with it the big public expectations " are connected;. Now bill discussion on a site zakonoproekt2010. ru has already ended.