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Piously - Bogolyubsky the monastery has denied the information on torture of children

Responsible for stay of minors at Piously - Bogolyubsky a monastery inokinja Antonija has denied the information on mockeries at children in a monastery. As the nun in radio station interview " has declared; Echo Moscow someone wants to lift scandal to remember last year`s events.
as she said, already some commissions have managed to prove that any cruelty in relation to pupils in a monastery has not been shown. Inokinja considers that it is favourable to someone to cast a shade on reputation Piously - Bogolyubsky of a monastery and Russian Orthodox Church as a whole.
the desire to check up the information on tortures of children in a monastery located in Vladimir region, already was expressed by representatives of Russian Orthodox Church, Public chamber of the Russian Federation, and also the representative at the president of Russia by the rights of the child Pavel Astakhov. Besides, check will be spent by the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation.
we Will remind, the director of Diocesan school - board of Suzdal Vitaly Rysev, and also pupils Piously - the Bogoljubovsky monastery Stepan Vus, Xenia Golovchenko and Marina Lojko have told about mockeries at children and teenagers in a monastic shelter for minors. From the message of victims follows that children in a monastery beat a belt and instruments of labour, forced to work in the fields and beat off bows to the ground for days on end.
in September 2009. From Piously - Bogolyubsky of a monastery similar messages already came: run away of a shelter 16 - summer pupil Valentine Perov has written letters on mockeries at children to the general public prosecutor of the Russian Federation, patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Cyril and the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev. Nevertheless, check of the facts of cruel treatment of pupils of a monastery has not revealed.