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Student`s leaders of France urge to break voting in the senate

Student`s leaders have urged to break voting in the senate on the pension reform developed by the government of president Nicolas Sarkozy. On it informs Bi - bi - si.
Total number of demonstrators, under statements of representatives of trade unions, already makes 3,5 million persons. The most courageous representatives of students, first of all National confederation of work, have already urged to repeat historical red May 1968., which has come to the end with resignation of president Charles de Gaulle and government dissolution.
oil refining factories of France declared work boycott last week therefore the government had to export fuel from next Belgium and Germany. The day before the president of the country has made the order to the minister of Ministry of Internal Affairs Brisu Ortefe to take factories storm, as there was in the morning on October, 20th in Donzhe, Le - Manet and Larosheli. In the answer strikers have blocked entrances to the largest French airports, for example, in an Orly. About 300 dissatisfied with reform have blocked an input in the basic terminal of the main airport of France of Charles name de Gaulle in Paris then they managed to break through cordons of police and to break airport work.
the rating of the head of the state has already fallen to record 30 %. It is the lowest indicator of support of the president for three years from the moment of its election. Frenchmen do not intend to retire in 62 years instead of the put 60 years.