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The court has partially cancelled a sentence to the militiaman who has killed snegouborshchika

Court partially has cancelled a sentence eks - to the militiaman who has shot the driver of the snow-plough in December 2009.
the Judicial board on criminal cases of cassation instance of Moscow City Court has considered the protection appeal on a sentence of Simonovsky district court concerning the former chief specialist of department financially - technical and economic maintenance of the Center of rear maintenance of Central administrative board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on the Central federal district, the lieutenant colonel of militia Anatoly Maurina.
a court Sentence the former militiam A.Maurin has been recognised by guilty of deliberate causing of heavy harm to the health, entailed on imprudence death of the victim, and to it punishment in the form of six years of imprisonment with term serving in a high security colony has been appointed.
also the court has obliged A.Maurina to compensate suffered (to the son of the victim) a material damage at a rate of 75 thousand rbl. Also has partially satisfied the claim about moral harm at a rate of 100 thousand rbl.
the Given sentence has been appealed against by the party of protection of the defendant, and on Wednesday, on October, 20th, judicial board on criminal cases, having listened to arguments of the parties, has decided to cancel a sentence regarding the permission of the civil suit and to direct this point in question on new consideration to Simonovsky district court. In other part the sentence has been recognised by lawful and proved and is left without change, the press - court services is told in the message.
we will remind, on August, 18th of this year the Simonovsky district court of Moscow recognised A.Maurina guilty of murder of the driver of the snow-plough (ch. 4 items 111 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation).
by Court it has been established that at 3:30 Moscow time on December, 26th 2009. The driver of the car of Nissan A.Maurin has made on imprudence collision with a snow loader on proezzhej parts of the Sevastopol prospectus near to d. 7, a building 1.
After that during quarrel with the driver of a loader the militiaman has shot at it from a gas pistol. The victim has got wound of a hip and from blood loss has died on the spot. After A.Maurin`s commission of crime has left, and the pistol has disassembled and has thrown out.