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At GAI officers will appear planshetniki with confidential databases

the Pilot lot from hundred tablet computers in a month will arrive on arms of car inspectors situated near Moscow, writes today the Russian newspaper .
According to the head of department of traffic police on Sergey Sergeeva`s Moscow suburbs, it not a craze, and the well-founded decision. Now employees of traffic police can learn the information on participants of failure by one pressing of a finger.
thanks to special programs the device will provide communication with the central server, the inspector without communication with a call centre learns, where and when the car who the owner, broke it the law is registered or not, whether is deprived the rights.
to avoid warps the main car inspector of the Moscow suburbs has added, new devices will buy not for all employees: it is Enough to get of them on one on each crew of traffic police which works on a line .
Planshetnik for policemen will be antishock - it will supply with rubber edges of rigidity and prorezinennymi sides. By means of this device the inspector can spend a video shooting of behaviour of the inadequate driver where he was, how a videocamera, and also to photograph and send pictures from a road accident place to a call centre of management of traffic police, most effectively to correct work of emergency services.
to challenge the decision of administrative practice begins more difficultly. To appeal to that the inspector has incorrectly drawn the road accident scheme, it will be useless, as at each failure photographing of an arrangement of cars with an automatic satellite binding of their co-ordinates will be conducted.
Besides, planshetnik it will not be connected to the Internet. According to S.Sergeeva, police the communication channels " are developed; about which it is possible to tell only that, that they reliable .