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The American communication satellite have successfully deduced into a target orbit

Razgonnyj the block the Breeze - M started on October, 19th at 22:48 on the carrier rocket of space appointment the Proton - M has successfully deduced into a target orbit the American communication satellite ViaSat - 1. The branch of the space vehicle from razgonnogo the block has taken place at 08:00 Moscow time, have informed in Russian Space Department.
the space vehicle is already accepted on management of the customer. Companion ViaSat - 1 is made Space Systems/ Loral and intended for granting of services of the satellite Internet to consumers in the North America: in territory of the USA, Canada, the Hawaiian Islands.
the contract on " carrier rocket use; the Proton - M for space vehicle ViaSat start - 1 company International Launch Services Inc has concluded. (ILS). The Controlling stock in ILS belongs FGUP State space scientifically - the industrial centre of M.V.Hrunicheva - To the developer and manufacturer RN the Proton and razgonnogo the block the Breeze - M .
" carrier rocket Start; the Proton - M became the sixth in 2011. And 369 - m in its flight history. We will note, on August, 18th 2011. Unsuccessful start of the space companion " has been made; the Express train - 4 . Start and flight the Proton - M have passed regularly, and during flight of the orbital block in structure razgonnogo the block and the space vehicle there was a failure in a control system the Breeze - M as a result of KA the Express train - 4 has been deduced into not settlement orbit. Soon after incident the decision temporarily to suspend starts of " carrier rockets was accepted; the Proton - M and razgonnyh blocks the Breeze - M .