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Planes in Russia can equip alkotesterami

In Russia scale campaign for prevention of alcohol intake by pilots approaches. Having attended to the aviaincidents which have become frequent recently, Ministry of Transport, Rosaviation and Interstate aviation committee (POPPY), are going to develop a complex of urgent measures which will allow to raise safety of flights. One of them concerns struggle against drunkenness.
the POPPY suggests to enter a criminal liability for alcohol intake by crewmen. Besides, for check of pilots on intoxication it is offered to buy personal alkotestery which will be directly established in cabins of crews, write today News .
Cost professional alkotestera makes about 1 thousand 500 dollars Such device is capable to define the alcohol maintenance for three seconds on a short exhalation. By data on the end 2010., the Russian airlines maintained all 1 thousand 136 planes, without several hundreds An - 2. Thus, if to instrument each plane, on purchase alkotesterov it can be demanded to 1,7 million dollars
As has informed the edition a source, the POPPY considers necessary to create a database not only pilots, but also aircraft technicians, and heads of aviation enterprises. The information on all who has admitted the infringements which have affected safety of flights should get to this database.
in Ministry of Transport consider that infringements of flight activity are characteristic only for the small airlines having financial problems and consequently compelled to save on safety. Thus in the largest Russian airlines during the last years it has not been fixed any aviation incident.
the financing lack results, for example, to that not all airlines use for today onboard means of objective control during flight. According to the source News The offer is now discussed to enter in all airlines of obligatory 100 % hardware control of flights.
according to experts, quite often pilots are compelled to break safety requirements of flights, being afraid of penal sanctions from the management. Therefore the aviation authorities can fix the right of crews to make any decisions directed on safety of flights.