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Jurymen will put an end in business of the fan “ Spartaka “ E.Sviridov

Today in the Moscow city court jurymen should announce a verdict on sensational business about an attack on group of fans FK “ Spartak “ in the Kronstadt parkway in Moscow on the night of December, 6th. As a result of an attack was lost 28 - the summer engineer - geodesist Egor Sviridov that has provoked mass protest actions under nationalist slogans in 12 cities of Russia.
on a dock there were natives of Dagestan: 20 - summer Akaj Akaev, Arthur Arsibiev and Nariman Ismailov, 19 - summer Hasan Ibragimov and 21 - summer Ramazan Utarbiev, and also 27 - summer native Kabardino - Balkarii Aslan Cherkesov. A.Cherkesova accuse of E.Sviridov`s murder. To it also incriminate ch. 2 items 213 (hooliganism), the item “ and “ ch. 2 items 115 (deliberate causing of a little harm to health), p.1 item 161 (robbery) of the criminal code of Russian Federation: at the moment of detention at And. CHerkesova have found a bag of one of fans “ Spartaka “.
Murder has been made on the night of December, 6th. On the one hand six natives participated in fight from caucasus, with another - football fans Dmitry Filatov, Sergey Gasparjan, Dmitry Kornakov, Denis Petrochenko and Egor Sviridov. To E.Sviridov have shot from a traumatic pistol at a nape, its friend has got a gunshot wound in stomach area, some more person have got off with bruises and grazes.
after seven minutes after an attack to the place of state of emergency there has arrived a police squad. In 15 minutes militiamen have detained alleged offenders and delivered them in OVD “ Golovinsky “. Upon E.Sviridov`s  destruction criminal case has been brought, however in the evening on December, 6th five arrested persons have been released from police branch (according to some information, after intervention of influential representatives of the Caucasian diaspora) that has caused indignation in the fan - movement of Moscow: already on December, 7th about 1 thousand Fans have blocked off traffic under the Leningrad prospectus, protesting against actions of inspectors.
on December, 8th under the decision of court A.Cherkesov - unique of group of the attacked hooligans - has been arrested. On December, 11th on a Manezhnaya Square of Moscow the mass action of nationalists in contemporary history of Russia, the past under slogans has taken place: “ Russian, forward! “ “ For murder your children " will answer; “ Moscow - not caucasus “. In the action have taken part from 6 to 25 thousand persons. Next day the court has given out the sanction on H.Ibragimova and N.Ismailov`s arrest, and on December, 13th - A.Arsibieva.
Performance of nationalists became a point of issue at the highest level: on December, 21st the prime minister - minister Vladimir Putin and the minister of sports Vitaly Mutko has held a meeting with representatives the fan - movements, having concerned and a question of  destruction of E.Sviridov.
in January 2011γ. Policemen have arrested the fifth participant of fight And. Akaeva, absconding. Last participant of fight - R.Utarbiev - has been detained in Makhachkala only in March 2011γ. In June criminal case investigation about fight in the Kronstadt parkway has been finished, business materials are transferred in court.
According to the version of the investigation, as initiators of fight natives of the Caucasian republics have acted, and fans did not cry out nationalist slogans as declared the accused. Fight has arisen for no reason and speaks “ a difference in cultures of behaviour “. Fans “ Spartaka “ could not render real resistance attacking as were in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication.
according to protection accused, fight in parkway - “ simply meeting of drunk Russian and Caucasians “. As lawyer Vitaly Chechulin has declared, process in court “ has turned to show “. In its opinion, natives from caucasus defended from the fans who have attacked them. According to the main accused A.Cherkesova`s mother, her son tried to strangle, having tumbled down on a car cowl, and it has been compelled to apply a traumatic pistol.
in turn victims on business declare that they became victims of a cruel attack. During hearings in Moscow City Court friend E.Sviridov S.Gasparjan has told that the attacking operated accurately, did not allow suffered to show resistance. If from fans it was possible to someone to rise, malefactors there and then flew again on two on one and jumped on heads, and also bossed “ rozochkoj “ - the beaten off neck of a bottle. Attacking shot not only at E.Sviridov, but also other participants of fight. It allows to draw a conclusion that the attack could be planned in advance.
Against the accused tell also other facts. During hearings the public prosecutor has reminded that some defendants were involved earlier in a criminal liability, and the main suspect And. Circassians were applied by a pistol in other fight some days before tragical incident in the Kronstadt parkway.
meanwhile the public prosecutor Maria Semenenko during hearings in Moscow City Court has declared that in the address at least two witnesses from charge threats arrive. Similar statements were done also by jurymen. Besides, M.Semenenko asked court to interrogate one of witnesses on business - Hope Minchinsky - in the conditions excluding visual supervision from accused. Victims repeatedly complained of causing behaviour accused of a court hall.