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E.Bagirov has advised to the Moldavian authorities to stop a lawlessness

the Writer, the playwright, bloger, souchreditel a literary site litprom. ru and its editor-in-chief Edward Bagirov has advised fulfilling duties of the president, to the chairman of parliament Marianu the Magnifier and to the public prosecutor of the country Valery Zubko to forget about it. The day before bloger, placed in Moldova under house arrest for good behaviour has run away to Russia.
E.Bagirov in the blog has reminded that is not a puppet or the outcast, capable to cover any monocelled nedoprezidenta and it not less monocelled public prosecutor .
the Writer did not recommend M.Lupu and V.Zubko to continue a lawlessness and with gloomy Moldavian uporotostju politically to pursue it. is better in general forget about me. It is the best recommendation which you can receive in this situation - has declared bloger, having advised to the Moldavian authorities to pay the salary to frontier guards .
we Will remind, E.Bagirov 1975 has been detained in Moldova on June, 16th 2011. The ambassador of the Russian Federation in Moldova Valery Kuzmin and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation as a whole have supported E.Bagirova`s the prompt clearing from - under arrest. In its support the opposition party of communists largest in Moldova has expressed also.
E.Bagirov repeatedly declared that its business not criminal, but political, and from it demand the compromising evidence on the high-ranking politicians of Moldova, and also achieve that recognition that it was the active participant of events on April, 7th 2009. And all instructions received from Mark Tkachuk who is now the deputy of parliament from Party of communists and then held a post of the adviser of the president of the country of Vladimir Voronina. In opinion blogera, the chairman of parliament M.Lupu is interested in its arrest fulfilling duties of the president of Moldova.
E.Bagirov mentioned on the Internet that is one of organizers of April events 2009. In Kishinev, which authorities of that time led by Party of communists have regarded as attempt of the revolution organised after parliamentary elections on April, 5th 2009. Under the pretext of falsification of their results. Then protest actions of youth against falsification of results of parliamentary elections which were supported by leaders of opposition parties, have poured out in the mass riots which have come to the end with plunder of buildings of parliament and Presidential Administration.
representatives liberally - the democratic parties which were then in opposition, and now entering into ruling coalition the Alliance for the European integration have declared that the communistic authorities of that time by means of special services and provokers have organised disorders in Kishinev to begin reprisals against opponents.
Today bloger has declared to journalists that will return to Moldova after change of a political situation in the country. Besides, it is ready to co-operate with the investigation actively, but from Moscow.