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D.Medvedev: Work under national projects should not be reduced to movement of papers

Work under priority national projects should not be reduced to movement of papers . With such statement the first has acted today vitse - the prime minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, opening session of presidium of council at the president on realisation of priority national projects.
we should not admit two extreme measures - absence of control and administrative spirit when all work is reduced to movement of papers - he has told, addressing to members of presidium.
D.Medvedev has underlined that at the activity organisation on realisation of national projects should exist clear indicators and reference points . He has underlined that realisation of national projects should not to choke in reports and in a grief of bureaucratic papers, and such danger is . In this connection, according to the first vitse - the premiere, should be organised monitoring of realisation of priority national projects, and it should be started simultaneously with the beginning of their realisation. D.Medvedev has explained that in the beginning 2006. Payments within the limits of projects will begin and it is necessary to watch, that money has reached addressees.
the official has reminded that on state purchases which will be carried out within the limits of realisation of national projects, is allocated more than 100 mlrd rbl. within two years. The bodies making state purchases, should bear responsibility for effective expenditure of each rouble D.Medvedev has underlined. In this connection, according to the first vitse - a premiere, work on realisation of national projects should be begun on the basis of the updated legislation on state purchases. to the beginning 2006. We should come to a condition when we do not have legal blanks, including on the organisation of state purchases - he has told.
D. Medvedev also has informed that all questions, concerning changes of network schedules and indicators of realisation of projects, will be placed for consideration presidium. He has paid attention of members of presidium that the confirmed network schedules and target indicators of projects are the base version and realisation of national projects should pass according to them. In case of need deviations, these questions will be taken out on presidium session that figures did not walk and indicators " did not change; - D.Medvedev has noted.
the first vitse - the prime minister has underlined that the president of the Russian Federation on December, 20th of this year has confirmed the list of commissions to the ministries and the departments which term of realisation - on December, 30th of this year According to D.Medvedev, first of all is a question of decision-making on placing of the centres of high medical technologies and acceptance of some standard legal certificates.
He also has told that the means allocated for realisation of the priority national project in housing sphere, will go to those regions where there are own programs of mortgage lending. D.Medvedev has reminded that the state passes to sofinansirovaniju buildings of habitation with regions and citizens at the expense of grants on mortgage loans.
not all young families can begin building of own habitation, and there is a turn on habitation, - has noted the first vitse - the prime minister, having added that the new housing development programme and these persons included in a waiting list begins cannot be restrained.