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Saparmurata Niyazov`s biography

Saparmurat Niyazov was born on February, 19th, 1940 in Ashkhabad.
in 1967. Has finished the Leningrad polytechnical institute and has received the diploma of the engineer - power. With 1970. - the instructor, the deputy the manager. Central Committee KPT department (Communist party of Turkmenia). In 1976. Has ended the correspondence higher partshkolu at the CPSU Central Committee. A member of the CPSU 1962. With 1980. Held a post of the first secretary of the Ashkhabad city town committee of Communist Party.
in 1985. Became chairman Sovmina TSSR. Since December 1985. - the first secretary of Central Committee KPT, simultaneously since January 1990. - the chairman of VS TSSR. A member of the Central Committee of the CPSU with 1986.
on January, 13th 1990. S.Niyazov has been selected by the chairman of the Supreme body of the Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic. In half a year VS has accepted the Declaration About the state independence of Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic .
the Post of the president has been entered in Turkmenia even before its official fastening in the new constitution - in 1990. The first sekretartsk Communist Parties, Chairman VS S.Niyazov has been selected on this post by national voting. According to the official data, for it 98,3 % of voters have voted.
after acceptance of the constitution the president has suggested to hold a new election to bring the powers into accord snovym the Organic law. On June, 21st 1992. Unique candidate S.Niyazov has been selected again by the president of republic podavljajushchimbolshinstvom voters - 99,5 % have voted for it.
In second half of 1993 Democratic party of Turkmenistan (the former Communist party of Turkmenia) predlozhilaprodlit Saparmurata Niyazov`s powers on the second 5 - summer term without carrying out of re-elections in 1997. In January 1994 godana a national referendum the overwhelming majority of voters has supported this idea.
in 1999. National Council has made decision on necessity to make S.Niyazov`s presidential term lifelong.
in November 2002. In Ashkhabad on S.Niyazov`s life attempt has been made: the train of the president has been fired from the truck. Vrezultate incident nobody has suffered. turkmenbashi named organizers of attempt former high-ranking turkmenskihchinovnikov: Minister for Foreign Affairs Boris Shihmuradova and Minister of Agriculture Imamberdy Yklymova.
Imja Turkmenbashi (head the Turkman) is appropriated to Saparmuratu Niyazov officially by the decision of Medzhlisa.
S.Niyazov was known as the author of the most unusual laws. So, for example, in August 2002. It has made the decision on renaming of months of year and days of week. Besides, it has dispersed opera and ballet troupes as has forbidden youth to wear the hair long and insert gold teeth.