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In the Bolshoi theatre will pass festival of ballets of J.Grigorovich

to the Outstanding choreographer of the XX-th century Yury Grigorovich on January, 2nd 80 years are executed. The president of the International union of figures of a choreography, the national actor of the USSR, the Hero of Socialist work, the winner of Lenin and State awards Yury Grigorovich headed more than 30 years Bolshoi theatre ballet.
on its creative way were both enthusiastic responses, and the sharp criticism. However it is obvious that it is the largest artist of the present without whom it is impossible to present development of ballet of the whole century. As the well-known ballerina Lyudmila Semenjaka has told, congratulating jubiljara, Grigorovich would be the great choreographer even if would put only Spartaka . He has presented to me destiny, as well as to many other actors - the ballerina admitted.
in January 2007. Big holds festival in which frameworks ballets of the master from theatre repertoire will be presented. On January, 2nd Big will show ballet the Nutcracker on January, 3rd and 4 - the Golden Age on January, 5th and 8 - Spartak on January, 6th and 7 - the Legend about love . Anniversary evening in honour of Yury Grigorovich on January, 18th will take place. In the program of a suite from ballets the Golden Age (soloists - Anna Antonicheva, Ekaterina Krysanova, Rinat Arifulin, Ruslan of Starlings, Gennady Yanin), Spartak (Maria Allash, Nina Kaptsova, Alexander Volchkov, Denis Matvienko), the Nutcracker (Svetlana Lunkina and Nikolay Tsiskaridze).
All in Big now goes Grigorovich`s 9 ballets, including performances which the theatre represents since a premiere ( Spartak the Nutcracker, the Bayadere ) And also the statements excluded from repertoire, but subsequently renewed ( Swan lake rajmonda the Legend about love the Golden Age ) .
Yury Grigorovich - the person of huge talent eternally movable by creative search... Conceiving brightly, on a substantial scale, grazhdanstvenno (Aram Hachaturjan). Because that in Grigorovich`s world named become outdated, a little that has changed in Grigorovich`s ballets. They are eternal, as the Alpine meadows at mountain tops on spring. Whether the Alpine meadow can become outdated?! (Moris Bezhar). Its huge talent, mighty nature make upon me the big impression, and I always with a keen interest rehearse its performances. Grigorovich`s contrast ballets amaze with unexpectedness - a sharpness of thinking and riches of forms and receptions (Marina Semenova). Ballet master Yury Grigorovich has amazed me with generosity of art imagination, the highest theatrical culture (Kshishtof Penderetsky). From creative imagination JU. Grigorovich arise, and then choreographic compositions are embodied on a scene remarkable and captivating on beauty, force and dramatic nature. I am proud of friendship with such outstanding person, which art I am not tired to admire (Nikolay Benua).