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In Moscow since January, 1st journey to public transport

In Moscow since January, 1st 2007г will rise in price. Fare in public transport increases, have informed in regionalnojenergeticheskoj the city commissions.
so, from the beginning of new year one trip to underground will cost 17 rbl., on land public transport - 15 rbl. Fare in buses - express trains will make 20 rbl. the Price of the ticket at drivers of ground transport so essential increase of cost of tickets at their acquisition at the driver budetsposobstvovat to that people bought them in advance - in special booths at stops will grow to 25 rbl.
On a plan of Mosgortransa. Thus, the landing time of passengers that will lead to reduction of turns on an input in transport, oborudovannyjturniketami should budetzametno decrease, developers of experiment consider.
the uniform ticket will manage in 1 thousand 80 rbl. while now it costs 900 rbl. The price for the ticket nanazemnyj transport about present 450 rbl. will increase to 540 rbl.
Tickets for two trips to the underground 34 rbl., and tariffs for a smart - cards with unlimited quantity of trips in metrouvelichatsja to 770 rbl. (now their price makes 740 rbl.) will cost .
For students of high schools and pupils of averages and average special educational institutions fare in the underground составит162 the rbl. a month, will cost as much and the ticket for ground transport.
at the same time all existing privileges will be kept. According to head budgetary - the financial commission Moscow gorodskojdumy Igor Antonova, grants to the transport organisations and the underground, providing the given rise in price, are put vproekte the capital budget the next year. Besides, I.Antonov has assured that in 2007г. Fare in obshchestvennomtransporte in Moscow will not increase any more.
we will remind that last time journey to the Moscow public transport has risen in price also for 2 rbl. Since January of this year fare makes 15 rbl. on underground and 13 rbl. on ground transport.