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In Russia for 11 months it is stolen almost 114 thousand cars

For 11 months 2006 in Russia it is fixed 113,9 thousand thefts and stealings of motor vehicles. Such statistics was announced today to journalists by the deputy chief of department of department of criminal investigation department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia the colonel of militia Vyacheslav Tochilkin. He has added that from this quantity of crimes every third has been opened about 35 thousand, that is.
as he said, the quantity of stealings and motor transport thefts has strongly increased lately. it is connected first of all by that this criminal business brings in the big incomes, in any way less, than narcobusiness or traffic in arms - considers V.Tochilkin.
For the prevention of such crimes to the period from November, 20th till December, 3rd in territory of the Russian Federation has been spent complex operatively - preventive operation transkrim . As the colonel has explained, it has been directed on revealing of the stolen motor vehicles, an establishment of places where change numbers of the stolen motor-vehicles and assort the stolen cars on spare parts, and also an establishment of the persons who are engaged in a criminal car business.
during operation it has been checked up more than 405 thousand places of possible storage of stolen motor transport and the stolen transported cargoes. It is found over 4 thousand before stolen cars from which 1 thousand 602 were in federal search and 58 - in international - has informed V.Tochilkin.
As he said, for fulfilment of the crimes connected with a criminal car business, 2 thousand 798 persons in which relation it is raised more than 8 thousand criminal cases, from them 86 - concerning citizens of the CIS are detained. Besides, during operation carrying out 7 thousand 740 persons who are wanted, from them 2 thousand 167 - in federal search have been detained.
at operation carrying out transkrim in passing also some grave crimes have been opened, from illegal circulation a fire-arms quantity has been withdrawn.
we will remind that heads a rating of the most stolen cars in our country production of domestic car industry. According to a site. A rating, almost half of all stolen in the first half of the year of current year of cars - front-wheel Lada. Then there are cars of manufacture of German concern of Volkswagen and the Japanese company of Toyota. If to consider on a lineup Volkswagen Passat appears the unconditional leader. Further follows VAZ 2109 and concludes a three of leaders VAZ 2112 .
As a whole the list of 20 most stolen cars looks so:
1. VW Passat
2. VAZ 2109
3. VAZ 2112
4. VAZ 21099
5. VAZ 2115
6. Audi 100
7. VAZ 2110
8. VW Golf
9. VAZ 2104
10. VAZ 2105
11. Toyota RAV4
12. VAZ 2106
13. Chevrolet Niva
14. Toyota Avensis
15. VAZ 2107
16. VAZ 2108
17. Audi 80
18. Toyota Camry
19. Toyota Corolla
20. Opel Astra
the Rating of the most stolen new cars looks a little differently. All five in the lead positions in it occupy Russian VAZs . The TOP - 20 in this case is that:
1. VAZ 2112
2. VAZ 21099
3. VAZ 2115
4. VAZ 2110
5. VAZ 2109
6. Chevrolet Niva
7. VW Passat
8. VAZ 2105
9. VAZ 2114
10. Opel Astra
11. Toyota Avensis
12. Ford Focus
13. Opel Vectra
14. Daewoo Matiz
15. Toyota RAV4
16. VAZ 2108
17. VAZ 2104
18. Mazda 6
19. Ford Focus 2
20. Nissan Primera