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In the Russian Federation successful start-up of the intercontinental rocket

In the Russian Federation is made successful start-up intercontinental raketyrs - 20 (" is made; Voevoda ) . As the information service iobshchestvennyh communications of Rocket armies strategicheskogonaznachenija gives, start-up has been made today at 11:20 Moscow time izpozitsionnogo area of the connection deployed vorenburgskoj of area.
educational fighting blocks of the rocket with the set accuracy poraziliuslovnye the purposes on peninsula Kamchatka range.
intercontinental rocket RS - 20 is modernizirovannyjvariant rockets RS - 20 in which it is inherent high boevajaeffektivnost at the expense of minimisation of time of preparation kstartu, increases of firmness of the rocket in flight to porazhajushchimfaktoram nuclear explosion and accuracy improvement popadanijboevyh blocks.
start-up is spent in frameworks is skilled - design work Zarjade with a view of acknowledgement letno - tehnicheskihharakteristik rockets RS - 20 for prolongation srokaekspluatatsii rocket complex R - 362 till 20 years - it is told in the message of service of the information. It is noticed also that prestarting operations, start and flight raketyosushchestvljalis it is strict under the planned program.
the spent start-up has confirmed readiness rocket kompleksak to performance of the put fighting problems during the period prodlennyhsrokov operation. Till the moment of start-up the rocket was vekspluatatsii 19 years. the further prolongation srokaekspluatatsii rocket complex R - 362 till 25 years pozvoliteshche for 10 years to keep grouping of these most powerful vmire rockets - it is marked in release.