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To widow D.Dudaev it is refused Estonian citizenship

the Government of Estonia at today`s session the decision on refusal in granting of Estonian citizenship to the widow of the leader of the Chechen separatists of Dzhohara Dudaev Alla has made.
A.Dudaev applied for citizenship of Estonia in communication special merits her husband. The matter is that future the president of Ichkeria before disintegration of the USSR ordered tartusskim an aviaregiment and did not interfere with process of restoration of independence of Estonia.
in 2003. A.Dudaev already tried to obtain Estonian citizenship, however to it also it has been refused.
also without instructions of a cause of a failure the government by a majority of votes has rejected nominees of two more applicants for Estonian citizenship - the Russian businessman Andrey Filatova and the son eks - the Minister of Railways, former the first vitse - prime minister Nikolay Aksyonenko Rustama.
A.Filatov, one of owners Severstaltransa Became the candidate on reception of citizenship of Estonia because it was one of the main developers of strategy of transit trade in Estonia. A.Filatova`s nominee on citizenship reception has been put forward by Centrist party.
R.Aksenenko has been put forward the applicant for reception of Estonian citizenship in connection with charities. In particular, it has transferred to the authorities of Estonia Yury Lotman`s archive - the known literary critic, the culturologist and semiotics.