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The Spanish parliament has forbidden parents porot children

the Congress deputies (parliament) of Spain the bill forbidding to parents porot of children has approved. Till now it was authorised to parents reasonably and moderately to correct behaviour the offsprings.
however the Spanish deputies have changed this paragraph. Physical inviolability of children is accurately registered in a new variant of the civil code, transfers Reuters.
Ruling socialists of Spain repeatedly were exposed to attacks of conservative opposition for negation of traditional public and family values by legalisation of unisex marriages and similar liberal innovations in the legislation.
the conservative People party also has this time voted against the bill, insisting that the interdiction will make parents helpless. However the document all - taki has met with approval of the socialist majority.
Porot of children of the house and at school is legislatively forbidden in 16 European countries. In Great Britain the government in October of this year has cancelled an interdiction for house corporal punishments provided that on a body of the child does not remain certificates of physical influence of parents - bruises, grazes or tumours.