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Since January, 1st period of validity of travel cards in the underground

Period of validity of tickets in the Moscow underground since January, 1st 2008 will increase. It will be increased. The corresponding decision was signed by the mayor of capital Yury Luzhkov.
in the document it is noticed that tickets with a limit from one to two trips will operate not 3 days, as now, and 5 days, including day of sale of the ticket. Tickets on 5, 10, 20 and 60 trips will operate within 45 days, including day of sale.
we will remind that since January, 1st 2008. Fare in the capital underground increases. From this day cost of one trip will make 19 rbl., 2 trips - 38 rbl., 5 trips - 84 rbl., 10 trips - 155 rbl. the Ticket by the underground, calculated on 70 trips and valid within a month, 600 rbl. the Student`s and school preferential ticket will cost 180 rbl.
will cost the land public transport Will rise in price also. Since January, 1st 2008. Cost of one trip will increase with 15 to 17 rbl., and cost of the ticket at the driver will not change and will be on - former to make 25 rbl.
For a smart - a card for 30 days Muscovites will pay 700 rbl. the Smart - the card calculated for 3 months, will manage in 1800 rbl., and for a year - 6 thousand 100 rbl. the Smart - the card for students of high schools and pupils of average and special educational institutions will rise in price about 162 rbl. to 207 rbl.
the Uniform ticket since January, 1st 2008. 1300 rbl. it will cost Now there are 1080 rbl.