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The price for habitation in TSFO exceeds its cost price in 3 - 8 times

the Average price for habitation in the Central federal district (TSFO) exceeds its cost price in 3 - 8 times, has informed today at total session of Council at the plenipotentiary of the president of the Russian Federation in TSFO plenipotentiary George Poltavchenko.
He has noticed that the reasons of the high prices are a bureaucratic rent in the earth market, an unequal competition in the habitation market high tariffs for connection to the electric power and gamble with real estate.
G.Poltavchenko has noticed that in TSFO yet it was not possible to reach an indicator in 1 sq. m of the entered habitation per capita in a year. this indicator Moscow Region in 2007 has practically reached., in the Belgorod region 0,6 sq. m of habitation, in Lipetsk - 0,5 sq. m " are per capita entered; - he has noted.
according to the plenipotentiary, the national project Accessible and comfortable habitation is one of the most difficult, as It the market " operates;. Also, he has noted, the mortgage did not become accessible to people .
As considers G.Poltavchenko, solve a rise in prices problem low building can. we see a good example of the Ivanovo area - he has underlined. Also, the plenipotentiary believes, it is necessary to develop the building industry in TSFO, which should become one of the most leading branches .