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Traffic police the Moscow traffic police recommends to buy New Year`s gifts in Moscow suburbs

recommends to motorists to go behind New Year`s purchases to Moscow suburbs, the radio station " informs; Echo Moscow . It will allow to avoid automobile jams near to shops of capital and to lower road accident number in a city.
according to capital car inspection, the quantity of motor transport arriving to Moscow is traditional last decade December, increases by 2 %. It involves also essential increase in quantity of road accident at roads, have explained in traffic police.
we will notice that the road situation in capital remains difficult and in usual days. The Moscow authorities offer various ways of a solution of a problem. So, it was offered to enter one-way traffic on the Garden ring. Before 49 streets in city centre have already been translated in an one-way traffic mode, and in the near future unilateral will make 58 more streets.
Also authorities of the capital consider possibility of a construction of roads the second level and introduction of a payment for entrance to city centre. However, according to the head city strojkompleksa Vladimir Resin, more the thought over and competent building of traffic intersections and tunnels in capital can become an effective measure. It will allow to solve a problem of stoppers in Moscow for 10 years, he considers.
meanwhile every year cars in Moscow becomes more and more. According to Department of transport and capital communication, the annual gain of motor transport in Moscow makes 150 thousand cars. Besides, from regions to capital daily arrives about 400 thousand cars. According to forecasts, to 2015. Their quantity will increase with 3 to 5 million