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China was connected to struggle against the Somali pirates

China will direct to coast Somalia two military ships and one vessel of supply which begin to carry out of a problem on maintenance of safe navigation in gulf of Aden, reports Sinhua . According to military men, the squadron leaves in appointment area on December, 26th of this year
the Chinese ships Russia, Denmark, Italy, Iran and other countries which already protect coastal waters of Somalia will join courts from the USA.
about the decision of Iran to join the international forces it became known the day before. As an occasion two incidents with the Iranian courts Last incident have served has occurred in November. And month before Teheran it was necessary to pay the repayment for 29 seamen grasped in July.
several days before the UN Security Council has for the first time in history accepted the resolution which allows to spend all kinds of operations - on the sea, on a land and in air - in territory of the sovereign state. According to the document which period of validity is defined one year, the countries which have obtained the corresponding permit from the authorities of Somalia, have the right to attack pirates including with support from air.
in 2008. The piracy at coast Somalias has turned to the international problem. The country has an exit to gulf of Aden through which takes place one of the most loaded sea routes in the world. By United Nations estimations, at coast Somalias operates to 1,5 thousand pirates.