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It is released from - under house arrest the president of Mauritania

In Mauritania is released from - under house arrest the president of the country Sidi Mohammed uld Sheikh Abdallahi. As relatives of the head of the state have informed, representatives of police have visited its country house and have informed that it is free, transfers Associated Press.
the leader of Mauritania have taken away in country capital, Nouakchott.
other details yet are not informed.
on August, 6th 2008. The state armed forces have grasped capital of Mauritania Nouakchott and have detained the president of the country Sh. Abdallahi and the prime minister - minister A an ale - Vagefa. Disorders in Mauritian capital have arisen after the president of the country has sent in resignation the head of the Joint Staff Mohammed Ahmed Gazuani and the chief of presidential guards of Mohameda uld to Abdelaziza. Soldiers headed by these generals have taken over the control of some government agencies and a presidential palace, in a city has been completely stopped a body - and broadcasting.
Mauritania (the official name - Islamic Republic Mauritania) - the state in the Western Africa which considerable part is necessary on desert Sahara. Mali and Senegal borders on Morocco, Algeria, has an exit to Atlantic ocean. A national economy basis are the cattle breeding, fishery and the mining industry.
the previous military coup d`etat has occurred in Mauritania in 2005. Then to the power the junta, in 2007 also has come. The delegated power to the selected president, svergnutomu on August, 6th.