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The crew 22 - j expeditions MKS has taken off from Baikonur

the Spaceship Union TMA - 17 with crew 22 - j expeditions on the International space station (MKS) were started from the cosmodrome by Baikonur. The start direct transmission was carried out by the Center of operation of objects of a land space infrastructure.
into the basic structure of crew enter: the commander of the transport piloted ship (TPK) Union TMA - 17 Oleg Kotov (Russian Space Department), flight engineer TPK Union TMA - 17 Japanese Soichi Noguchi (Japan Aerospace eXploration Agency JAXA), flight engineer TPK Union TMA - 17 American Timoti Krimer (NASA).
spaceship Joining Union TMA - 17 with MKS it is planned on December, 23rd at 01:54 Moscow time.
the Former crew 20 - 21 - j long expeditions on the International space station after semi-annual work has returned to the Earth on December, 1st of this year In its structure - Russian Roman Romanenko, the astronaut of European space agency Frenk de Vinne and the astronaut of the Canadian space agency Robert Tirsk. At the moment at station there are two astronauts - Maxim Suraev and Jeffrey Williams, which profits on MKS in the beginning of October. The crew will join them 22 - j expeditions.