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The gone young traveller is found on Caribbean Islands

the Young traveller from the Netherlands, gone on December, 18th 2009., it is found on the Caribbean islands. The police managed to find out 14 - summer Lauru Dekker on Sacred Martin`s island in northern part of East Caribbean islands after some days after its disappearance, transfers Associated Press referring to the Netherlands mass-media. Other details are not informed.
the message on L.Dekker`s disappearance has arrived the day before. The girl has disappeared from the house in an unknown direction. Shortly before it it has removed from the bank account 3,5 of thousand euro and has written to parents the letter which maintenance was not disclosed.
in October 2009. The court has forbidden L.Dekker to go to global cruise which it was going to make alone. To it it was forbidden to leave the Netherlands without the special permission.
parents of the girl ambiguously concerned plans of the daughter. The father supported its desire to go to round-the-world travel, and mother considered that for such travel it is still too small.