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In New year the capital underground will work longer usual

On New Year`s Eve work of the Moscow underground will be prolonged at one o`clock. On it informs a press - service of the capital underground.
in the night from December, 31st for January, 1st and with 6 for January, 7th the capital underground will work to two o`clock in the morning. Thus, townspeople who will celebrate New Year`s holidays on city streets and to participate in Christmas services in capital temples, can get home without problems.
Besides, during carrying out of celebratory actions in the night from December, 31st for January, 1st the operating mode of some stations can change.
in case of the big congestion of people in places of mass walks of station Lubjanka China - a city the Kuznetsk bridge the Revolution Area Ohotnij rjad Theatrical Chekhovian Pushkin Tver Aleksandrovsky garden Borovitsky Majakovsky and Library of Lenin probably, will work only for an exit in a city and changes.
changes will concern also automobile movement in capital. As the chief of traffic police of Moscow Sergey Kazantsev informed earlier, the Tver street and Ohotnij rjad will be on New Year`s Eve blocked for transport. However as a whole on a city of restrictions in a traffic will not be, in spite of the fact that during Prenew Year`s time the stream of motor vehicles increases in times .
It has explained that during New Year`s walks till 1:30 Moscow time on January, 1st the traffic will be blocked on the Tver street - from the Triumphal area to a Manezhnaya Square, and also on Ohotnij rjad - from a Lubyanskaya Square to Manezhnoj. S.Kazantsev has added that since December, 20th in capital monitoring of transport streams on entrance to a city on 16 federal lines has been entered. This monitoring allows to supervise transport conditions in capital.