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Veterans and military men have promised to provide with habitation

Veterans of the Great Patriotic War and military men promise to provide with habitation in the near future.
so, in signed on Monday head of the state Dmitry Medvedev the decree About veterans it is said that veterans of the Great Patriotic War have the right to reception of measures of social support on maintenance with habitation.
According to the document, under written statements of the specified citizens needing improvement of living conditions, maintenance with habitation can be carried out by granting of single monetary payment by it on building or the premises acquisition which size is defined proceeding from a total area of habitation of 36 sq. m and average market cost in 1 sq. m of a total area of habitation on the subject of the Russian Federation established by federal enforcement authority, authorised by the government of the Russian Federation.
the Order of granting of habitation (under the contract of social hiring or in the property), and also single monetary payment on building or premises acquisition is established by the legislation of subjects.
as to maintenance with habitation of military men this problem the chief of the Joint Staff of Armed forces of the Russian Federation Nikolay Makarov has concerned. As he said, for the Russian military men in 2010. It will be bought and constructed about 50 thousand apartments, till 2012 the question on granting of office habitation will be completely solved.
according to N.Makarova, as a result of reform of Armed forces of 37 thousand officers have been deduced for staff, however are not dismissed because it on contract conditions has not been give habitation. At the expense of purchase and building of new apartments of these officers it is planned to provide with habitation and to dismiss.
N.Makarov has noticed that in 2010. From 150 thousand Russian officers of 52 thousand Will receive the raised monetary maintenance. So, for example, the commander of a platoon will receive to 78 thousand rbl. a month, and the commander of a division - to 200 thousand rbl. Thus it has noticed that if in 2009. The raised maintenance was paid only to the best officers, in 2010. It will be received by all officers of divisions who have shown the best results of service.