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The head physician of the Ivanovo regional hospital: I.Hrenov has slandered us

the Head physician of the Ivanovo regional hospital Igor Volkov has accused of slander of the doctor - cardiologist Ivan Hrenova who has complained of hospital the prime minister - to minister Vladimir Putin. The newspaper informs on it News which correspondent has interviewed I.Volkova.
I.Volkov admitted that salaries at doctors in area is valid tiny however other told on the air to V.Putin - lie and slander . the First: about kvitochki with the salary in 30 thousand. At us on hospital the average salary of the doctor of 17 thousand roubles. Is such who receives 40 thousand. There is also such, who less than 17 - the head physician has explained. the salary electronic. To deceive the computer with an extract it is simply impossible - I.Volkov has assured.
speaking about changed clothes by patients doctors, I.Volkov has noticed that V.Putin To patients did not talk it has not been planned. it be no point to change clothes of doctors - it summarised.
the medical equipment it (V.Putin) saw. And you can look. It is established on the concrete bases. To dismantle it it is impossible! - the head of hospital has declared. therefore I declare that doctor Hrenov who to our hospital has no relation, has slandered us - I.Volkov has underlined, having added that as the head physician of hospital reserves the right to itself to address in court.
we will remind, on the air of the special program Conversation with Vladimir Putin. Continuation making comments on the story of the person presented by the doctor - the cardiologist of the Ivanovo regional hospital, the head of the government of the Russian Federation has promised to understand with forgery this establishment which, according to the doctor, has been prepared for its arrival.
I.Hrenov has told Century To Putin that for the period of a working trip of premieres - the minister of the Russian Federation in the Ivanovo area in regional hospital which was visited by the head of the government, the new equipment which then dismantled has been established. Besides, the salary of employees several times exceeding real, and instead of some patients on hospital cots has been sounded employees of medical institution have been placed.
V.Putin has promised that the commission of Ministry of health and social development will be directed to the Ivanovo area (Minzdravsotsrazvitija) the Russian Federation.