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B.Moiseyev`s hospitalisation has broken a premiere of its new clip

Hospitalization of Russian singer Boris Moiseyev which has been delivered in one of clinics of Moscow with suspicion to a stroke, has broken a premiere of a new videoclip of the actor. As informs a press - B.Moiseyev`s service, today, on December, 21st, it planned to arrange clip presentation on a song I cannot lose you .
From - for illnesses the given action should be transferred for later term. However any of Prenew Year`s concerts of the singer has not been excellent yet, have underlined in a press - service.
we will remind, B.Moiseyev has been hospitalised in one of capital clinics the day before, on December, 20th. First aid was caused by relatives of the singer, having noticed deterioration of its state of health. According to a number of the mass-media, the arrived physicians have made to the musician the preliminary diagnosis a stroke but a press - secretary B.Moiseyev Alexander Yudin has declared what to speak about it while early.
and. Yudin also has noticed that now the star passes medical examination and has added that B.Moiseyev`s attending physician does not intend to disclose yet the information on a state of health of the patient. Under the statement the press - the secretary of the singer, health of the actor could undermine a dense operating schedule.