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The authorities of Moscow have published the plan of struggle against stoppers

the Government of Moscow today has published the document Priority lines of activity of the government of Moscow under the decision of transport problems of capital . In this document it is noticed that the basic transport problem of a city is inconvenience of parkings, a critical overload of the underground and roads.
Muscovites also excites nekomfortnost transport: the difficulties arising at pedestrians on sidewalks and stops of public transport in connection with congestion by cars, and also a critical overload of underground.
the overload of cars of the underground makes 40 %, the density of a passenger stream at stations and in transitions exceeds norm in 1,8 - 2 times. Muscovites consider as a serious problem nebezopasnost transport: insufficient quantity of extrastreet transitions (350) and the transitions equipped with traffic lights (1,8 thousand) Therefore in dorozhno - transport incidents perish to 400 pedestrians in a year.
as a serious problem Muscovites have noted low speed of movement of transport on a city: the public transport moves in the general stream; speed of automobile movement makes less than 22 km/ ch, while in the largest cities of the world it above in 1,5 - 2 times.
one more difficulty - an individual transport parking: absence of enough of parking spaces in a residence, crudity of the organisation of parking at many large shopping centres, absence of possibility to park the car in immediate proximity from a work place.