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V.Putin discusses with football fans disorders in Moscow

Head of the government Vladimir Putin meets representatives of football clubs of Russia, action passes in the sports and tourism Ministry.
at a meeting there are also representatives of the organisations of football fans of the North Caucasus. V.Putin has noticed that Russia cannot become the great country, yet will not understand that its force consists in a multinationality.
the head of the government has told that if the Russians who have arrived from another regions will not observe local rules and laws, it is necessary to improve registration rules in big cities .
Earlier during dialogue with Russians V.Putin, making comments on disorders of nationalists and natives from caucasus, on the air has declared that in the country it is necessary to stop rigidly any forms of extremism, whence they proceeded. It is impossible to smear with the general paint neither Caucasians, nor any other nationalities, though such nationality, as the Caucasian, no. In general it is impossible to smear anybody with the general paint. But it is necessary to stop rigidly any extreme displays - the chairman of the government has noted.
we will remind, in Moscow after murder in street fight with natives from the North Caucasus fan FK Spartak Egor Sviridov there have passed mass riots. In unapproved actions have taken part both football fans, and nationalists. Meeting on a Manezhnaya Square has passed in disorders and collisions with guards.
Have tried to arrange reciprocal meeting and representatives of national diasporas, but planned near metro station Kiev the action has been stopped by capital militia and OMON. In connection with disorders tens criminal cases have been raised in capital, including under article Application of violence concerning representatives of the power .