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The State Duma has equated travmatiku to fire-arms

the State Duma has approved the presidential bill toughening control in sphere of a turn of the civil weapon, and also the sports pneumatic weapon.
the law enters a new category of the weapon - fire-arms of the limited defeat. As that will be considered korotkostvolnoe and besstvolnoe the weapon which is not intended for causing of death to the person . Thus from such weapon it is forbidden to shoot fighting cartridges, including metaemym the equipment used for shooting.
the interdiction for import Besides, is entered into the Russian Federation a new category of the weapon of foreign manufacture, its basic parts or cartridges of traumatic action.
those who has decided to get for the first time the civil weapon, including gas pistols and a pneumatic for hunters, will be obliged to have training preparation about mastering by it. From necessity it to do the employees of the state militarised organisations having military ranks or spetszvanija, and also dismissed of them with the right to pension are released.
to get the weapon begins possible only after reception of the licence and the subsequent registration a trunk in OVD in a residence, it is told in the law. Thus in case of moving the citizen will be obliged within two weeks to register the weapon to the new address.
the law also regulates limiting quantity of units of the weapon depending on its kind at one citizen. So, for example, it is possible to get only a maximum two units of fire-arms of the limited defeat if it is not a collecting subject.
at the same time without the licence and registration it is authorised to buy gas ballonchiki, elektroshokery, and also the pneumatic weapon with dulnoj energy no more than 7,5 J and calibre to 4,5 mm.
Deputies also have toughened administrative liability of infringement of rules of manufacture, sale, storage or the account of the weapon and cartridges to it. According to amendments, the penalty for this infringement will make for officials from 10 thousand rbl. to 30 thousand rbl., and for legal persons - to 250 thousand rbl. In turn, rough infringement of the above-stated requirements will entail disqualification of officials for the term from six months till one year or administrative stay of activity for the term from 10 till 60 days.
the law will come into force on July, 1st 2011.