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Demonstrators on the tank have grasped a building in the centre of London. The PHOTO

About 50 participants of movement Grasp London on Tuesday, on December, 20th, have occupied the former building of city court in city centre, having arrived to it on the tank, informs Daily Mail. The building is not used for the designated purpose with 1996.
Protesting have hung out on a building a huge banner Grasp all also have begun to write on the big board names of those bankers and politicians over whom they are going to spend demonstrative judicial hearings .
the First courts will pass over those who, according to movement, has undermined world economy, has led to destruction of the British system of social security and has selected at the people its civil rights . As protesting it was possible to pass free through city centre by an armoured vehicle, remains to unknown persons, specifies the edition.
It already the fourth point grasped by the British protesting. For today movement has broken a camp in the centre of capital of Great Britain - on the Trafalgar area, before St. Paul`s Cathedral, and also on next Finsberi - square. Besides, representatives of movement had been occupied the empty building belonging to Swiss bank UBS.
we Will remind, movement has arisen in the USA, where on September, 17th 2011. There has passed the first demonstration under the name Grasp Uoll - Strit when holding a meeting have broken a camp in the financial centre of New York. After that movement has started to grow promptly.
in some days active workers have tried to block off traffic on the Brooklyn bridge, and in the beginning of October in a city there has passed the biggest protest action in which 12 thousand persons have taken part almost. After that a syndrome of Uoll - Strit has started to extend all further from New York: actions National anger have passed in Los - Andzhelese, Chicago, Boston and other cities of the United States, and subsequently have captured cities worldwide.